Governance is vital for your business but can be a challenge.
That's why we built
North House.

Good governance helps you to act in the best interest of your business, set a healthy culture and reduce several risks. However, governance frameworks often grow to be extensive, difficult to manage and even more difficult to anchor across the organisation.

Sounds familiar?

Introducing North House.

We have built a home - a digital solution - for your governance frameworks to help ensuring that the governing documents are easily accessible, kept up to date, and swiftly anchored across the organisation.


Establish and assign clear ownership for each part of the governance framework, e.g. policies, instructions and guidelines. The owner gets a notification when the document is up for review.

Document links

Policies are linked to underlying documents to ensure that everything that is stipulated at policy level is anchored through the entire framework. This ensures an end-to-end implementation of what's required by the highest-level policies.

Framework overview

Easy to extract a full overview chart of the entire governance framework, for management, auditors or supervisory agencies.


Full Audit-Trail for document changes. Easy overview of what has been changed, by who and when each document has been deployed in the organisation.

Effective review

Built-in review process to ensure timely review, approval and deployment. The system keeps track of and facilitate every step of the review cycle. It tells you who shall be involved and what documents that are linked to the one you are revising.

Effective deployment

When a new steering document enters into force all affected users get notified with revisions highlighted to ensure easy deployment and a well anchored governance framework. Users electronically acknowledge that they have read and understood the requirements.

"There’s a strong link between governance and your bottom line. Research shows that companies with good governance achieve better financial results in the long term." (2022)

Risks that come with not being on top of corporate governance.

In a highly regulated sector, robust internal governance and control is key to running a compliant and successfull business. Governance frameworks that are not properly managed often result in outdated governing documents which are poorly anchored with employees. This leads to a number of risks.

Business risks

Insufficient governance often leads to poorly anchored goals and strategies and hence reduce the chances for a successful business. This can also lead to lack of accountability and unsatisfactory customer experience.

Regulatory risks

Supervisory authorities and auditors monitor corporate governance more and more closely. Insufficient governance can therefore result in sanctions and other negative measures.

Reputational risks

Poor governance risk harming your business reputation, across several areas such as ethics, client protection, ESG , KYC and AML.

Operational risks

Outdated, insufficient, or poorly anchored governing documents can result in tasks not being carried out in accordance with set policies and procedures. This may lead to increased risk of human errors and operational mistakes.

Personnel risks

Insufficient and poorly managed governance frameworks often have a demotivating effect on staff and it can also decrease the chances for management to set an appropriate business culture.

Financial risks

Deficient governance can lead to an increase of a variety of risks such as fraud or successful cyber- attacks which in turn may have financial impact.

Updated governing documents that are anchored in the organisation mitigate a number of risks and increase the chances for a successful business.

Governance made easy.

We have built a home for your governance framework - a digital solution that helps you establish, update and deploy all governing documents.

Document structure

The governing documents are stored in the system which enables an easy overview of the entire framework and possibility to link documents to each other and to specific rules and regulations.

Facilitate & enable culture

Through a swift and simple deployment of your governing documents, your employees know what is expected of them and help management steer the company in the desired way.

Limit risks

A well established governance framework limits a number of risks including lack of accountability.

"Companies spend tons of money establishing the governance frameworks but then they don't maintain it. I have had clients that simply don't find the policy when the Supervisory Authority is asking for it."

Senior Compliance Advisor


Packed with functionality.

Our solution supports the entire lifecycle of your governing documents, from creation, review and deployment in the organisation.


Help you establish policies, instructions, guidelines, routines and other governing documents.


Possibility to establish controls for management, compliance and auditors.

Document management

All governing documents are stored in one place and are easily accessible for your employees.

Version tracking

Full Audit-Trail so you can easily see what has been changed, when and by whom as well as when it entered into force.

Ownership management

Assign clear ownership for each part of the governance framework, down to individual documents.


Create links between policies and underlying documentation as well as references to applicable rules and regulations.

Approval tracking

Keep track of when your employees have acknowledged that they have read and understood new directions.

Effective review

The system guides you through the review process and keeps track of who shall be involved in each step.


Possibility to create targeted training to keep your employees on top of what's stipulated in the governing documents.

Smart review

The system tells you what documents that are linked together and should be reviewed when a related document is changed.

Secure external access

Give your auditors, consultants or supervisory authorities secure access to your governance framework.

Document reference maps

Always have a full overview chart of the governance framework readily available.

Our team.

Our team share the passion for building great companies.
We are also convinced that the key to achieving that is good governance.
That's why we founded North House.

Julia Haglind

founder & CEO

Julia has over 25 years experience from Financial Markets, as a CTO, COO and most recently CEO of Nasdaq Clearing. She is a Behavioral Scientist with long experience from highly regulated and systemically important businesses.

Anna Romberg

Chairman of the Board

Anna is a PhD in governance, and current member of the Executive Management team at Getinge. She is passionate about business ethics, corporate responsibility and good governance. Anna is also a co-founder of the Nordic Business Ethics Initiative and Chairman of the Board at North House.

Maria Assarson

Board Member

Founding partner and CEO, Hidden Dreams. Maria has a master’s degree in Industrial Economics from KTH and for the past ten years, Maria has worked with innovation, strategy, and business development in technology-heavy companies, from big giants like Apple to start-ups.

Sofia Beckman

Co-founder & advisor

CEO at Atle Investment Services AB. Sofia has a master's degree in Economics and Finance and a long experience from trading, risk management, compliance and several leading roles at SEB.

Alice Hammarroth

Co-founder & advisor

Head of Compliance at zeb Nordics. Alice is a lawyer and has over 10 years experience from working with compliance within the Financial sector, including advising a number of clients on governance matters.

Johan Lindblad

technical Advisor

Founding partner and CTO, Hidden Dreams. Johan has a master’s degree in Industrial Economics with an independent master’s in “Computer Science and Engineering” from KTH. He has several CTO positions in his professional background and experience as a technical advisor from more than a dozen companies.

Saeid Esmaeilzadeh

senior Advisor

Ph.D. Serial entrepreneur, Founder of Esmaeilzadeh Holding, Serendipity Innovations and Spartacus Capital.

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