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Good governance frameworks often grow to be extensive, difficult to manage and even more difficult to anchor across the organisation. Sounds familiar?

Focus on your framework - no need for a new editor

At North House we emphasise the ease of use. Everyone should be able to start working with the editor out of the box. The result: The editor you know and trust.

Focus on managing your company instead of spending countless hours of onboarding.

Powerful features to manage your governance framework

Visualise your governance

Next audit is around the corner? No worries, we got you covered.

Control your publishing

Setup your publishing, invite editors and reviewers and schedule future reviews.

Audit trail

Track all changes - either for internal quality assurance or external audits

Policy reviews

You are on top of your reviews and prepared for the next board meeting

Anchoring report

Is everyone in the organisation following along? Now you know.

made easy

The next audit is around the corner? 
Your governing documents are in good hands.